Mottainai Grandma Goes to Magic Land

Mottainai Grandma visit various places. This time, she visited Magic Land.
When you say a magic word, everything turns to something at a glance. There is nothing to waste and there seem to be nothing mottainai there.
In our world, there are things which can be reused or turn to something new and utilized.
It is mottainai if it would be trashed as a waste.
Then what can we do?
In the last half, Mr MagiMagi who is on apprenticeship as a magician, will teach some magic.
It comes with original tramp cards with picture of empty can, plastic bottle, paper and plastics so it can be separated in recycling.

The book is published after 'Mottainai Grandma Goes to the Forest'
The second book released on 'let's play with Mottainai Grandma' series.
Let's play with Mottainai Grandma with magic at 'Mottainai Grandma Goes to Magic Land' and let's play with Mottainai Grandma in the field at 'Mottainai Grandma Goes to the Forest'!

Story and Illustration: Mariko Shinju / Supervised on magic: Go Otomo / Publisher: Kodansha
Published date: 2011/03/31 Price: 1500 yen (excl. tax)

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