Mottainai Grandma-01

Mottainai Grandma is coming!

Mottainai Grandma Goes to the River-01

"River is connected to the mountains, the forest, people's lives, and the sea. It's a waste to not treat well about the river. "

Mottainai Grandma's

We eat foods everyday for living. And foods are lifeforms from the nature.This tis the reason why we should appreciate and respect lives and the nature. If we don't, it is mottainai.

Mottainai Grandma Goes to Magic Land-01

When you say a magic word, everything turns..... Is there anything mottainai in the Magic Land?

Mottainai Grandma Goes to Heaven and Hell-01

What is the difference about the people in heaven and hell? If you have a sharing mindset instead of being selfish, there will be no mottainai.

Mottainai Grandma Goes to the Forest-01

Let's play with Mottainai grandma on fun field!

Mottainai Grandma's AIUEO -01

Let's play with Mottainai Grandma to learn Japanese Hiragana with delicious words.

Mottainai Grandma is coming! & Are you not doing anything Mottainai?-01

Mottainai Grandma's dairy wisdoms for four seasons

Mottainai Grandma's dance song & drawing song CD book-01

Let's sing and dance with Mottainai Grandma!

Mottainai Grandma's playing cards-01

Let' learn Japanese words with playing cards

Mottainai Grandma's Pearls of Wisdom-01

A full of Mottainai Grandma's wisdoms in her dairy form the series on Mainichi Newspaper which lasted over 12 years

Mottainai Grandma's World Report Exhibition Part 1 supervised by Japan UNICEF

This book compiled the gallery talk at Mottainai Grandma's World Exhibition. The problem happening in the world would not occur if we treated our lives as the first priority...