Mottainai Grandma Goes to the River

In 2019 I took a trip down the Ganges River in India from top to bottom.
A river is an essential part of our lives, but it is a place where life is born and nurtured not only for us but also for various living things. And rivers exist all over the world as if they were blood lines of the earth, and they are connected to the sea and the sky ...
While thinking about such things, I got the idea of making one picture book.
There are many findings in this book that I learned from walking not only in India but also in Japan.
I made it thinking that it was a book on the theme of the cycle of life, which is water, set in a river.
"River is connected to the mountains, the forest, people's lives, and the sea.
It's a waste to not treat well about the river. "
(From the author)

Product / Picture book / Mariko Shinju
Published / Kodansha
Publication date / March 13, 2019
Price / 1,500 yen (excluding tax)

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